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Album Release

I am very excited to announce that the new single "Speak Up" is OUT NOW! The single is now available on all major platforms including i-tunes , Spotify, Amazon, Pandora, Deezer, Apple Music, etc... The Great Lion of Judah filmed a music video for the song "Speak Up", which is also on the new album "The Lion Has Roared." The record can also be streamed or listened to on all major platforms. You can watch the new music video below, on Youtube, Facebook, or Instagram. 


The music video was directed and filmed by Laura DeSantis-Olsson ( The song was written while I was in Thailand and speaks about how we need to speak up for those who are trapped and forced into modern day slavery. 

Thank you all who have been following this project. Please also check out The Lion Has Roared Recording Sessions. The first three Episode's are posted below, and they are also both available to watch on Youtube. 


Thanks for Listening! 

~Jameson Rucci 

"The Lion Has Roared" is Officially Out Now! The Redeeming Love Single is also available!

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Upcoming Shows - TBA 

 Upcoming Shows TBA

Upcoming Shows- TBA

 Upcoming Shows TBA

Upcoming Shows- TBA



For more information on upcoming shows please visit the Shows section. 

Recording "The Lion Has Roared"  

I am excited to announce that the album "The Lion Has Roared" is in the beggining stages of Production. The Great Lion of Judah started Tracking the drums and guitars. The entire production of the album will be from January 2019-June 2019. I will keep you updated on the progress of the tracking of the record. Thanks for listening! 

~Jameson Rucci 

Kindred Awards 

The Great Lion of Judah was nominated for a Kindred Award. The Kindred awards will take place on June 12th-13th. See the shows page for more information! 

New Official Website 

I'm glad to announce that the new website is up and running. I hope you are able to navigate the website easy. 

Mailing List 

If you would like to get a monthly update on The Great Lion of Judah please subscribe. 

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