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Thank you so much for contributing to our next Full Length Record!!!! 

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My Story/ Recording Costs

The Great Lion of Judah is an Indie Rock band based out of New Jersey. They released their first full-length record in 2020 titled "The Lion Has Roared," which was Produced and Engineered by Chris Badami at Portrait Recording Studios. You can listen to the first two singles off of the record called "Redeeming Love" and "Speak Up!"


The Great Lion of Judah is now ready to begin recording their follow-up Sophmore Album, and they need your support to make this possible. Everyone who donates to their follow-up Album will get a download of their first record, "The Lion Has Roared," as well as a download of their new record when it comes out.


There is no set date to begin recording yet, but will keep ongoing updates on the progress of the new record! The Great Lion of Judah is very excited to release another record. Thank you for all of your support, and thank you for being a part of this process.


What costs go into making an Album?


Tracking: Recording all of the instruments and vocals.


Mixing/Production: The Engineer will help produce the record, and then mix all of the instruments and vocal tracks using compression, equalization (EQ), and leveling/mixing techniques.


Mastering: Once the record is recorded and all of the levels are set, it goes into the mastering phase. Mastering adjusts Stereo Levels and the overall sound/ quality of how it will sound through your car speaker, i-tunes, Spotify, computer, etc...


Publishing, Distribution, and Promotion: The final step in the process is getting the music published, such as on ASCAP, and getting the music on all Social Media Platforms and Music stores such as i-tunes, Spotify, Pandora, etc... and spreading the news.


Thank you again for all of your support, and thank you for being a part of this process.

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